AI4US: Artificial Intelligence 4 US Ltd.

AI4US Ltd.,  an acronym of 'Artificial Intelligence for us', supports the use of Artificial Intelligence in people's daily lives.

AI4US Ltd. is registered at the English Company House,  Company No. 7045061. All shares are owned by Lun Holding Ltd. (registered Company No. 7051180), which is fully owned by Dutch futurist Erwin van Lun.

Reasons to choose an Ltd. instead of the Dutch equivalent 'BV' (Besloten Vennootschap) is its international appeal, a legal worldwide known entity, and recognition as a legal person in all EU member states (directive 68/151/EEC of the Council of the European Communities).

Our main activity is development, maintenance and promotion of community website

Mission of
To be the leading community
of chatbot developers, academics and users
focusing on research, technology and innovation
to drive success for all participants.

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